How to Get Turnitin Similarity Checker for Free?

How to Get Turnitin Similarity Checker for Free?

In this tutorial you will learn about "How to Get Turnitin Similarity Checker for Free?".

Struggling with plagiarism in your academic assignments? Turnitin Similarity Checker comes to the rescue, ensuring your work is original and free from any unauthorized content. However, gaining access to this invaluable tool isn’t always straightforward. Fear not, as we unveil the secrets to unlock Turnitin’s power without breaking the bank. Join us as we navigate through the methods and steps to harness the prowess of Turnitin for plagiarism detection, all without spending a dime.


According to a survey conducted in 2023, Turnitin is utilized by over 15,000 educational institutions worldwide, serving more than 26 million students across 140 countries.


Turnitin serves as a guardian of academic integrity, akin to a vigilant sentinel protecting the sanctity of scholarly work in the vast expanse of cyberspace.

How to Access Turnitin Similarity Checker?

Here are few ways to access Turnitin Similarity Checker for Free:

Unlocking Turnitin Access

In the vast landscape of online plagiarism checkers, Turnitin stands tall as a reliable fortress against academic misconduct. Yet, its exclusivity to educational institutions often leaves individual users in a quandary. But fret not, for there are pathways to harness its capabilities even outside the confines of institutional access.

Accessing Turnitin Through Your University

If you’re a student fortunate enough to attend a university offering Turnitin access, rejoice! Many educational institutions provide Turnitin access to their students through dedicated portals. Simply log in via your university’s student portal to avail yourself of this invaluable resource.

Seek Assistance from Your Librarian

Librarians, the unsung heroes of academia, often hold the keys to accessing premium academic tools like Turnitin. Approach your university librarian to inquire about accessing Turnitin. They can provide guidance and assistance in utilizing this tool for plagiarism checks.

Creating a Free Turnitin Account

For those without direct university access, fear not, for there’s still a way to harness Turnitin’s power. Follow these simple steps to create your free Turnitin account and embark on your journey towards plagiarism-free assignments.

  1. Navigate to Turnitin’s Website: Open your web browser and head to the Turnitin website.
  2. Create Account: Click on the ‘Create Account’ option prominently displayed on the website’s interface.
  3. Select Student Account: Opt for the ‘Create Student Account’ option to proceed.
    Enter Credentials: Input your class ID, enrollment password, and any other information provided by your instructor.
  4. Create a Pseudonym: Protect your identity by creating a pseudonym for yourself.
  5. Agree to Terms: Read through the user agreement and check the ‘I agree’ box to proceed.
  6. Create Profile: Click on the ‘Create profile’ button to finalize the process.
  7. Commence Exploration: With your free Turnitin account created dive into the world of plagiarism detection with ease.

Utilizing Turnitin for Plagiarism Detection

Now that you’ve gained access to Turnitin, let’s unravel the process of utilizing its robust features for detecting plagiarism in academic papers. Whether through Trunk or Canvas, Turnitin offers a seamless experience for instructors and students alike.

Via Trunk Assignments Tool

  1. Navigate to Assignments: Access the Assignments section and click on ‘Add’ to create a new assignment.
  2. Configure Assignment Settings: Name the assignment, set dates, and choose ‘Single Uploaded File Only’ option.
  3. Activate Turnitin Service: Under Turnitin Service, tick the ‘Use Turnitin’ checkbox to enable plagiarism detection.
  4. Customize Turnitin Options: Tailor Turnitin settings according to your preferences, including repository selection and originality report generation.
  5. Complete Assignment Form: Fill out the assignment form comprehensively and click ‘Post’ to finalize.

Via Canvas Assignments Tool

  1. Create Assignment: Navigate to Assignments and select the ‘+ Assignment’ option.
  2. Configure Submission Type: Choose ‘External tool’ from the dropdown menu under Submission Type.
  3. Integrate Turnitin: Locate Turnitin from the list of external tools and add it to your assignment.
  4. Customize Turnitin Settings: Adjust Turnitin settings as per your requirements, including source comparison and originality report generation.
  5. Finalize and Submit: Save your assignment settings and submit it to integrate Turnitin seamlessly.
How to Get Turnitin Similarity Checker for Free?


In the quest for academic integrity, Turnitin emerges as a beacon of trust, guiding students and educators towards a plagiarism-free future. By leveraging the methods outlined above, accessing Turnitin need not be a daunting task anymore. Whether through institutional access or individual accounts, the journey towards originality begins with a single click. Embrace Turnitin’s power and embark on a voyage towards academic excellence with confidence.


Is Turnitin Similarity Checker accessible for free?

While Turnitin is primarily sold to educational institutions, students can access it through university portals or by creating free student accounts.

Can I use Turnitin without instructor-created assignments?

For institutions utilizing Turnitin as an instructor-only service, students may require instructor-created assignments to utilize Turnitin for plagiarism detection.

Is Turnitin accessible for personal use or only for educational purposes?

Turnitin is primarily designed for educational institutions to promote academic integrity and prevent plagiarism. While individual users may access it through affiliated universities or by creating free accounts, its primary usage is within educational contexts.

Are there any limitations to the free Turnitin accounts compared to institutional access?

Yes, free Turnitin accounts may have limitations in terms of features and access to certain functionalities compared to institutional subscriptions. These limitations may include reduced access to advanced settings, limited storage capacity, and constraints on the number of submissions per user.

Can Turnitin detect all forms of plagiarism accurately?

While Turnitin is highly effective in detecting verbatim and paraphrased plagiarism, its accuracy may vary depending on factors such as the sophistication of the plagiarism and the sources used. Additionally, Turnitin may not detect certain forms of plagiarism, such as collusion or contract cheating, which require manual intervention and assessment by instructors.

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